Type: Villa
Location: Orahovac
Municipality: Kotor
Object size: 300 m2
Plot size: 600 m2
Price: 2000000

This villa is located in Orahovac, Kotor municipality. Its size is 300 m2 and it was built on a land lot of 600 m2.
This is a traditional, stone “sea captain s home, built in the 17 th century.
It remained in the original family until 1989, when it was restored, preserving its authenticity.
It has own pier on the beach which is in front of the villa. Currently, there are two moorings for yachts, used by the owner of this villa.
The villa has a panoramic view over the Bay of Kotor and it is located in a little coastal town which is approximately 5 km away from Kotor.
The villa has several separate units and it consists of the following parts:
I floor – a living room in rustic style with a kitchen and bathroom,
II floor – a living room and library,
III floor – a three bedroom .
Almost all the rooms have beautiful sea view.
In a garden is a plants of greenery and citrus fruits.
There is a courtyard in front, under which there is a rain water reservoir, and a beach front.
There is also a garage accessed from the road..

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