Our services

Agency CIKAS "deals:

1st Real estate
On that occasion, we offer you professional full protection of law and ensuring the implementation of this legal transaction to all our clients as customers, and vendors to the satisfaction of all parties involved in this process since the beginning of the choice of real estate, until its registration in the name of the Buyer is registered with the Administration Property of the Republic of Montenegro;

Legal services
Agency provides legal services in terms of checking documents, eliminating possible errors and shortcomings, and making a preliminary contract of sale of real estate and real estate registration in the name of the Buyer of the property at RM.
The Agency carries out and to create new companies, and their timely registration with the Commercial Court in Podgorica, if it is given to the client's needs and desires of its opening;

Adaptation in the arrangement of apartments, houses, business premises and yard, and maintenance thereof;

Consalting and engineering services
in accordance with the highest European standardima.
Our clients we enable help to make the selection, shall appoint and make the right decision how to best invest their money safely. In the process, you lead our team of experts from the moment of sightseeing, conferences, and making a preliminary contract, registration of real estate to your name in Real Estate Administration Minister, and if you want to continue cooperation through the provision of design and planning with the best architectural solutions and project documentation to the quality of construction at the highest European standards as a "turnkey".

Construction and engineering are doing in collaboration with leading the Serbian company "Interkop Ltd Sabac, in its structure has more than 1,200 permanent employees and over 600 subcontractors, has four cranes, more than 150 buckets, excavators, loaders and others of various machinery, then, over 220 different trucks and trucks, asphalt base and so on.

In addition to our core business, we provide our customer with accommodation, we organize all-day tourist trips to the most popular resorts in Montenegro, thus enabling them to get to know the country whose citizens they have become or where they have started their own business, so on this occasion they can familiarize themselves with the culture, tradition and customs of the people they are going to live with.