Type: Off plan, commercial
Location: Zelenika
Municipality: Herceg Novi
Plot size: 77735 m2
Price: 1350000

This complex is located in Zelenika, about 4,5 km away from Herceg Novi. The distance from the sea is about 1.300 m. The landscape of this complex is extremely picturesque it is surrounded by a beautiful wood. In addition to other tree species and rich vegetation there are some ancient olive trees in it.
Once, wine grapes were grown on this land lot, and some excellent wines were made from these grapes, because the ground is very fertile and the climate is extremely favourable.
The land plot is cascade-like, which makes it is very suitable for construction. It has stunning sea views over the entire Bay of Herceg Novi, open sea and Mamula island.
Different projects can be financed and implemented on this complex:
- Building of an ethno-village of Mediterranean type for developing a luxury and elite tourist centre with sport terrains and a spa-wellness centre in the upper part of the lot. As an integral part of its offer, this tourist complex could grow the best sorts of wine grapes and produce its own wine, which could make it highly recognizable on the international tourism market.
- Building of a holiday apartment centre with villas in rural Mediterranean style, sports facilities, swimming pools etc.
The well-known port of Zelenika, and a marina for yacht maintenance, repair and servicing are located at a distance of 1.300 m. On the opposite side of the bay is the famous Zanjice beach with islands Mamula and Vavedenje Presvete Bogorodice and also Plava spilja (Blue cave), a famous tourist attraction.
The surrounding cities: the famous city of Kotor at a distance of 30 km; Budva at a distance about 45 km, Dubrovnik at a distance of 50 km etc.

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