About Montenegro


Exotic landscapes are not always distant and hidden. In the heart of the Mediterranean, separated from Italy by the Adriatic sea , this small country is waiting for you. This little known country is only an hour flight from Rome or Budapest , one hour and a half from Zurich , and then your Montenegrin adventure can begin.


The capital of Montenegro, Podgorica is 500 kilometres by air away from Rome, 1500 kilometres from Paris and Berlin, around 2000 kilometres from Moscow and almost 2500 kilometres from New York.

Montenegro is an air destination with very frequent charter flights during the tourist season. The companies "Montenegroairlines" and "JAT"Fisher, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines , Siberia Airlines and others). manage scheduled flights, while a couple of other companies organize flights to Podgorica, Tivat and Dubrovnik during the tourist season (Malev, Adria Airways,


Passenger air traffic is handled out from two international airports: Podgorica and Tivat. Airport Golubovci (Podgorica) - 12 km from Podgorica, 80 km from Kolasin, 170 km from Zabljak, 62 km from Budva, 65 km from Bar.

Airport Tivat - 3 km from Tivat, 20 km far Budva, 20 km from Herceg Novi, 4 km from Kotor, 60 km from Bar, 84 km from Ulcinj.

Airport Podgorica

Airport Podgorica has a floor area of 5 500 square meters and it has a capacity of one million passengers a year. Airport has passenger terminal, with eight check in desks, two gates for arrivals and two for departures. The passenger terminal has eight exit gates, cafes, shops, duty free shops, numerous stands of airline companies and other auxiliary facilities in compliance with European standards. It also has a sufficient parking space of 25 000 square meters. 

Airport Tivat

The floor area of the airport is around four thousand square metres with a new terminal for international departures and domestic arrivals, new offices, sorting office, security equipment, as well as equipment for the reception and dispatch of luggage, duty free shops and a restaurant.

Website: www.aptivat.com

* You can come in Montenegro from Croatia.

Dubrovnik Airport

It is situated at Cilipi 20 km from Dubrovnik, 24 km from Herceg Novi, 44 km from Tivat and 68 km from Budva.Tourists coming to Montenegro on charter flights to Cilipi airport have organiyed bus transfers to their hotel destination.

Website: www.airport-dubrovnik.hr

Montenegro is connected with whole the world by the Adriatic Sea.

There are regular ferries on routes: Bar-Bari, Bar-Ancona, Kotor-Bari and Bari-Drac.