Type: Golf, sport & resort
Location: Grahovo
Municipality: Nikšić
Plot size: 1300000 m2
Price: 1800000

This land is very suitable for construction and development of a golf course with luxury hotels and other amenities. It is also possible to plan and develop ethno villages or hunting on this location. It is located at distance of 20 km from the sea and the nearest airport in Tivat is about 35 km away. This land is rich with natural spring water which is of particular importance and fundamental prerequisite for the maintenance of quality golf courses. This plot is easily reached by a new highway, except for some 3.5 to 4 km of gravel road. Absolute peace and quiet surrounded by nature are paradise for golfers and tourists.

Type: Golf, sport & resort
Municipality: Kotor
Plot size: 1198000 m2
Price: 14376000

On this plot, the urban development plan envisages construction of golf courses and development of spa tourism. The soil is very rich in natural spring water which is one of the most important elements when selecting sites for construction and development of this aristocratic sport. This location offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Bay of Kotor. Configuration and position of the lot are remarkable, particularly for the construction of a golf course. Also, overlapping of two streams of coastal and mountain air and presence of natural spring water allows the construction of thermal spa wellness centre with a luxury golf course that would be extremely interesting to all amateurs, athletes, tourists, and especially to golfers.

Type: Golf, sport & resort
Location: Banjani
Municipality: Nikšić
Plot size: 1,930,000 m2
Price: 2895000

This complex extends over 1,930,000 m2(1,5eur/m2). It`s a very nice and perfect terrain. It is slightly hilly and very suitable for the following activities:
- Building a golf course;
- Building spa tourism facilities – As the complex is located at 1000 to 1200 m above sea level this combination of sea and mountain air is most favourable both for rehabilitation of people who have problems with respiratory organs and for the preparation and rehabilitation of sports teams;
- Development of ethno-villages with hunting area, because this complex is known as a hunting ground frequented by Tito and his associates during the time of Yugoslavia,
- Construction and development of tracks for rally and extreme racing.This complex is extremely rich in vegetation and in its forests there are numerous plant species like hornbeams, ashes, oaks, as well as many different types of mushrooms. Animal world is also very diverse and these forests are home to numerous animal species - rabbits, wolves, foxes, bears, deer, wild boar, etc.
The complex is located at about 22 km away from the main road Niksic-Trebinje. The distance from the sea in Lipci is 65 km – most of it (around 40km) is via a new highway. The nearest airports are: Dubrovnik – at about 45 - 50 km, Tivat - about 80 km and Podgorica about 78 km.
The road is paved with exception of some 700 m of gravel road.

Type: Golf, sport & resort
Municipality: Niksic
Plot size: 1,239,000 m2
Price: 1860000

This complex in Niksic has a surface of 1,239,000 m2. It is located at a distance of 18 km from Niksic. On the land lot there is a water tank with capacity of about 300 m3. It is drinking water. Also, there are some natural springs on the land lot, but it is necessary to put some effort in locating them.
The terrain is very convenient  it is slightly hilly and cascade. There are numerous woods on the lot  bitter oak, hornbeam, beech and maple woods.
The following facilities can be planned on this location:
- building of an ethno-village;
- building of spa facilities and developing of spa tourism and all the accompanying facilities;
- construction of tracks for rally and extreme racing;
- building and development of hunting grounds and facilities because this complex is rich with different wild animals;
- building of a hospital for persons with respiratory problems, because this complex is located at 1000 m above sea level;
- building of a luxury sports rehabilitation centre for sports preparations and rehabilitation of sportsmen.
The closest airports:
- Podgorica airport = 48 km
- Dubrovnik airport = 65 km
- Tivat airport = 60 km