Welcome to CIKAS real estate!


Thec ompany" CIKAS" d.o.o'Herceg Novi was founded in april 2000,and Real Estate Agency "CIKAS" began operations within the company in 2006 and it is the leading Agency for Transaction and Mediation in Immovable Properties( ATMIP) in Herceg Novi and Boka Kotorska Bay that offers for sale a wide range of apartments,houses ,villas,land and big complexes for building hotels,apartment complexes,ethnic villages and so on.

The company is named after a sort of a palm Cikas which is the characteristic of the Mediterranean and represents resilience,endurance and durability in an exotic beauty.Company logo is Cikas palm-shaped key with a roofwhich symbolizes that our Agency gives you an opportunity to become the owner of a quality and comfortable family home and the roof represents the safety and the pleasant feeling of joy underneath

Our first step is to listen to you and understand your needs and desires,so that we could provide you with the best solution to the mutual satisfaction.

Professionalism, safety and discretion in business are guaranteed.

Your frst step towards success is the right choice of the Agency that can provide answers to all your questios and also meet your expectations, i.e. the right choice of the Agency that can ensure that your money is safely and profitably invested on a " turnkey "basis

Our goal is to earn your trust thanks to our professiokalism which has been proven in our previous practice by the fact that some of our clients(from Austria, Russia, Ireland, Israel and Sweden)eventually became partners in real estate business and if that way by means of our cooperation they are developing their own business in Montenegro, to our mutual satisfaction, and quickly and safety increasing their profits.